H&G Directional Drilling Ltd. is built on a business culture where innovative progress on trenchless technology is the key. At H&G we are not content to simply stay with what works. We constantly strive to find what works better. We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Our advances in technology do not stop at our rigs. Throughout the past years H&G has had an unparalleled record of success. In fact we believe that given the right planning and preparation that no project is impossible. Our interests are all about completing the project at hand. We want to do what is most efficient and effective, on every project.

H&G Directional Drilling Believes In Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Our biggest attribute is that we communicate well with the customer on every job. We fully explain what we will do prior to starting, we discuss ongoing progress, with an “upfront” type of attitude to ensure the customer is well aware of any issues that may arise. Follow-up calls after the job is complete ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our advantage is the vast array of past drilling experience our management team has. They have dealt with all different types of ground and environments, meanwhile gaining extensive knowledge which cannot be duplicated.

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